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I'm an author of young adult and new adult fiction. I remember first writing about My Little Ponies in the third grade, and deciding I wanted to permanently live in a fantasy world of writing stories when I grew up. I have drawers full of novels that I wrote back then up until my teen years. Sadly, it took me a little longer than most people to actually grow up since I finally just made my dream a reality in 2012. At any given time I have dozens of tales in my head just waiting to be told. I guess it would explain why I have a short attention span, and suck at homemaking-type things (that's my excuse anyway).

I was born and raised in the no-man's land of Southern Minnesota, where I still live on a farm with my husband Brian, and our children Sammy and Owen. My two grown step-daughters Lindsey and Jamie live nearby with their amazing families. All four of my children are wonderful human beings, and at times I'm just thankful they're still alive and that I didn't forget them somewhere.

The only animals on our "farm" are a lone rooster who refuses to die even after his toes froze off years ago, and my dog Bellatrix—yeah, that’s right, I named her after the crazy witch from Harry Potter. I also had a semi-heart attack when I discovered that Norman Reedus and then Sean Patrick Flanery (both of The Boondock Saints) are following me on Twitter. And I'm considering getting a Goonies themed tattoo. I'm a fan girl (*cough* nerd) like that.

I have debatably healthy obsessions with Jack Johnson (my son once asked if I was going to leave his daddy for Jack), Beastie Boys, Foo Fighters, rock concerts, tattoos, photography, Nerdfighter awesomeness, and all things zombies (The Walking Dead, Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead—anything in which the dead are menacing). My favorite activities are dancing (although I share similar moves to that of Conan O'Brien), any lake-related activities (I haven't skied in a few years, so more like riding on the boat with a beverage in hand) and traveling (to anywhere warmer than home). I also have this endless urge to be humored.

My biggest loves are reading and (obviously) writing as well as movies and music, so prepare yourself to see a lot of those type of things in my blog. I'm warning you now that since I'm into just about anything paranormal, you may want to be prepared to read anything I write with the lights on.

Visit my author website: www.jennaumann.net

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