Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Regrets (and a Zombie-tastic Announcement!)

Whenever I see stuff like this,
I tend to roll my eyes and maybe even gag a little. Seriously. We're all going to do things in life we wish we wouldn't have done, and will most likely regret them at some point.

So when I first saw this on We're the Millers,
I laughed. Hard. Because it's way, way more accurate.

I've personally gained enough regrets in my lifetime to fill an entire book. Honestly, it could probably make for some pretty decent comedy. But I'm here to admit to just one in particular—leaving a book's ending hanging, and not writing the sequel in my next project.

Those who have read Shymers and The Day Zombies Ruined My Perfectly Boring Life know that I've been guilty of this not just once, but TWICE. Agh, what a young, naive writer I was back in those days. I've become so much wiser in 1/5 years that I can promise you, I'll never write a cliffhanger again without having the sequel coming up right behind it. I've had this terrible pressure on my shoulders, knowing these two books need to be written. You have to understand that I'm the type who sometimes completely buckles under that kind of pressure. When things stress me out, I tend to avoid them, hiding away until the last possible moment.

However, I'm elated and relieved to say I've finally completed the sequel to The Day Zombies Ruined My Perfectly Boring Life, and can announce The Time Zombies Became the Least of My Worries will be available in digital and print on December 3rd! Finally, fans will hear the end of Emma's story, as well as a little insight from Finn. After a few different endings I ran past my beta readers and editors, I'm pretty certain everyone will be pleased with the ending I chose!

All I have to say is I'm really sorry I left everyone hanging so long, and can promise I won't ever do anything quite so cruel ever again, for all our sakes (and my sanity). The sequel to Shymers is still "in the works", but I can't say with any certainty when it will be released. Hopefully soon.

Okay, now that I've confessed one of my deepest regrets, it's your turn. What is something you regret doing? It's okay to share, because as one wise, funky painter in the 80s used to always tell us:


Nancy LaRonda Johnson said...

Great story on regrets! It's really good of you to make up for two of your deepest ones. Congrats on your out coming one! It's great to have it done before Christmas. :)

My regrets... I guess spending money on a publicist instead of an organized blog tour. That can be corrected with the next book coming out sometime next year. Writer’s Mark

Sheena-kay Graham said...

I regret letting my parents force me into uni after High School. Got very depressed and dropped out. Don't regret that because one I wasn't ready and two I was forced into something I didn't want to do. Still a sore point with my parents but it's my life. Love the Ragrets image, hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Reading it right now!

Jen Naumann said...

Thank you, Nancy! Good luck with your new release!

Jen Naumann said...

I hear you on the college thing, wish I would've taken time off instead of being in such a hurry to finish. I'm encouraging my children to take time to figure things out before they enroll, and experience life.

Jen Naumann said...

Yay, I hope you're enjoying it! :)

Anonymous said...

I so am. Emma just makes me laugh practically every time she opens her mouth.

Crystal Collier said...

I regret starting a series before the entire thing was out. ;)

Kidding, kidding, but also not kidding. I LOVE consuming an entire trilogy over a weekend. That, and eating cheese.

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