Friday, December 21, 2012

Game on, Mayans

For the past few days, Twitter and Facebook have been buzzing with jokes about the apocalypse and people saying they aren't going to pay their bills, show up to work, etc. I'm not going to lie. A small part of me is totally freaked out by all this end of the world talk. It doesn't help that the History Channel is constantly pumping out shows explaining why the Mayans are right. And you can bet that somewhere the geeks who work for that channel are having a major end of the world bash (my invite must have been lost in the mail).
R.E.M. says it best - click here to listen

So what am I doing today, knowing the end may almost be near? Cleaning my house. Not because I'm worried about dying in the middle of a dirty mess (people who know me will die laughing at that thought), but because we are starting our Christmas celebrations tonight with our oldest children and their families. I laughed when our plans first came to be, realizing that we were all gathering the night the world is supposed to end. But the liquor cabinet is full, a ton of snacks are planned and my husband even bought some extra ammo "just in case." If this is truly our last night together on this earth, we're set. I'll go out with those I love and have a full belly.

All kidding aside, the possibility of impending doom has made me reflect on my life. I've decided that R.E.M. accurately sums it up for me. If it really is the end of the world, I feel fine. I'm healthy, happy, surrounded by love and have a slew of friends and family who I adore. I've made mistakes, taken chances and pursued things that make my life fulfilled. I've lived life to the fullest, loving, laughing and experienced just about everything that makes our time on this earth worthwhile. So if this truly is the end, I'm okay with it. There probably isn't anything we could do about it anyway, so why not go out with a smile?

Maybe tomorrow when we wake, we'll be able to laugh at the Mayans and feel a renewed sense of purpose (so long as we're not surrounded by zombies). I think we have about a 99.99% chance of seeing another normal day. If I'm wrong, then cheers to all of humanity. It's been a great ride.

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Lauryn April said...

That was about the way I felt about it. A little part of me was kind of scared, but the larger more rational part of me knew nothing would really happen. Just in case though I figured this was a good year to kick start my boyfriend's interest in hunting by getting him a gun and ammo for Christmas.

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