Sunday, December 9, 2012

Soundtracks That Are Good for the Soul

It's no secret how much I love music. My family is always teasing me because I declare every other song to be my favorite. I'm one of those people who literally has music playing wherever I go (when I do chores around the house, my phone is in my pocket). I live for concerts (I've ben to dozens in my lifetime). I encourage my children to play instruments (piano, violin and bass guitar). I tear up when I hear the adult choir sing at church. I even have three music-themed tattoos.

While I appreciate all kinds of music, there are select few songs that can really reach down into my soul and move me to the point that my eyes water and I'm rendered speechless. Most of those songs just happen to be movie soundtracks. When searching for a song to use in the Shymers book trailer (the amazing winner is The Holy Grail by Olive Musique), I considered what goes into a truly memorable musical score and considered my favorites. Each of them usually features a piano and/or string instruments, sometimes paired with haunting voices.

Here are some of my favorite songs from soundtracks that really got to me. Maybe these songs are so moving because they come from excellent movies. Maybe I just have a fetish for this genre. Or maybe these songs are just all that amazing. Click on the songs' titles to hear them.

While I could have listed everything John Williams has ever done, I decided that would be redundant so I only chose one. And while I know The Walking Dead theme song isn't necessarily a "soundtrack" and it's not actually a movie, I think the song deserves to be listed.

Are there any powerful soundtracks that you would add to this list?

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