Monday, January 7, 2013

Book Review: Dizzy

When I started a blog, it was never my intention to become an actual book reviewer. But I'm always reading something and I've been asked so many times by fellow authors to swap books in exchange for my honest opinion that I figure I may as well start! For the most part I'm interested in reading YA (young adult) or NA (new adult) paranormal and romance, but occasionally I meet someone who writes outside of my preferred genre, so you may see a mix of that as well.

A word of warning before I begin: I am not a philosophical kind of person. I prefer more of a straight up, no nonsense kind of approach. So my reviews will not be in depth, nor will they tear apart anything that didn't sit well with me. As a writer, I know how much a bad review can really tear you up inside. If either I wasn't able to finish a book or couldn't find anything nice to say about it, just as momma said, I won't say anything at all.

And with that caveat, I give you my first official review of Dizzy, a young adult romance by the talented Jolene Perry and Nyrae Dawn

Sometimes I get a little too heavy into the paranormal and just need an easy to read, lighthearted book. I discovered Jolene Perry a few months ago through Twitter. Not only is her kindness and enthusiasm contagious, but the girl knows how to write and it would seem she can pump out new books like a PEZ dispenser. Of the four books I've read that she had involvement with, all of them involved a smart girl with a strong spirit and a pretty good head on her shoulders. And all four are something I will let my 13-year-old daughter read.

This story starts out with an egotistical guy named Dylan who is throwing a party at his house. The story then flips over to a girl named Ziah who finds herself at the party, surrounded by the type of people she normally doesn't hang around with. They both make a big impression on each other, only to find out later that their siblings are marrying each other. Neither of them is overly excited about the wedding, and the playful banter that ensues is quiet entertaining. Without rehashing the entire story, which I hate to do anyway because I'm very cautious of spoilers, I can tell you that this is a fun story that you won't be able to put down. The story is well told, making the reader feel as if you're hanging out with these two characters. Overall, I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars, only because it was a fun read and I can't find anything bad to say about it. Pick up your copy on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

*I purchased this book and was not asked to review it by the authors.*


Jolene Perry said...

YOU ROCK :-D Thanks so much Jen! It's actually way more scary when people I KNOW read my books, lol.

LTM said...

Oh, I LOVED Dizzy, too! What a great, fun book! Yay! :o) <3

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