Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Finding Inspiration in Mexico

Very early this morning, I returned from an AMAZING week in Cabo with my husband and some friends that was supposed to be all about the beach, tropical drinks, water, relaxation, fun...
(Yes this Lonely Island song was stuck in my head during our entire trip...)

Minus the eight hours on my birthday that were spent hurling over the side of a fishing boat while wishing I was dead, it was definitely all of these things. Surprisingly, however, I got even more out of it - INSPIRATION! A combination of really odd things caused a new story to evolve...creepy little cherubs used as a theme in our hotel lobby...a collection of skeleton statues for sale and scattered around downtown that I completely obsessed over...one of the few TV shows we watched in English involving witchcraft...being in a country where none of us spoke the language...experiencing a different culture that I know very little about...taking a tour where we experienced just a sliver of what it would really be like to live in a place without cell phones, computers or video games...the head of my newly purchased figurine breaking off while dancing in Cabo Wabo (no worries - it was an easy fix as seen in the picture of my in-tact bride on the right, safely back in Minnesota).

The actual story for my newest idea didn't really all come together until the plane ride home when my mind was supposed to be at rest. (Isn't that what vacations are supposed to be all about? Isn't the point of getting away to leave your stress and worries behind?) I guess a writer can never mentally leave their work behind.

So what's the name of this new book? What exactly will it be about? Will there be more zombies to come from my twisted mind? Not only is it too soon to share, but there are other books that are in the works that I need to finish before I will get a chance to even start on it. Regardless, there are a barrage of thoughts already erupting in my delusional mind and the gears are most definitely grinding.

Regardless, I'm pretty sure that from now on I can use the valid excuse that I have to go on vacation each year, if only for inspiration.


Al Diaz said...

Inspiration can be found anywhere. Glad you found it among the "Catrinas", ;)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to visit Mexico - you lucky thing.
Those figures are great.
Good luck with your new writing idea, Jen.

Julia said...

Never mind inspiration, I'd have thought you would have nightmares! Let us know when the story materialises.

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