Friday, April 5, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things Blog Hop

Happy Friday! I just realized I spaced this blog hop off last Friday—sorry Vik! I'm keeping things short and sweet today as I have to leave for my daughter's track meet early afternoon.

Things that brought me joy the last two weeks:

1. I really haven't done a lot of writing related things in the past two weeks other than get Cheating Death ready for publication and What I've Done ready for a re-release, but I did receive a printed copy of Cheating Death in the mail, and there's no feeling like holding your hard work in your hands.

2. Season finale of The Walking Dead. It wasn't as grand as I was expecting, but at least most of our favorite characters survived.

3. Rihanna concert with my three daughters and some friends. That is one talented lady and it was fun to see her live.

4. Good times out with friends at the bar. Now that I've lost the pounds I was aiming for, I've been able to enjoy life again with some of my favorite things.

5. Brand-spanking new series, Hannibal. The movies based on the same character are some of my favorite, so I'm expecting big things. So far, so good. Check out my review on one of my other blogs: Two Chicks and a Blog.

6. This Walking Dead skit on Conan with Melissa McBride and Michael Rooker:

Hope everyone is starting to enjoy warmer weather! Have a great weekend!


J.A. Ward said...

Loved that skit hahaha...ohh and im jealous of the Rihanna concert. Lucky duck!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

The Walking Dead!! Glad you have things to celebrate.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Holding one's own book is really awesome.

VikLit said...

What a great set of celebrations from holding your own book to losing pounds and fun nights out, go you!

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