Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Plot Twists, Holes and Messed Up Endings

I'm a total story junkie. I love hearing new tales, whether told in movies or books. While I usually say I like them to be completely unique and surprising, there are times when I get the feeling Hollywood's intentions are to do nothing more than completely shock the hell out of their viewers in any way they can with a really messed up ending. Sometimes it's a good thing, when done with good storytelling. Other times it's like watching a grown man dancing in footed pajamas to an off tune jazz number.
This past week I was able to get in a few movies during mommy/daughty time (daughter's nickname for it), and in the middle of the night when my brain refused to shut down. While I still haven't figured out why I like to scare the crap out of myself, later having to worry about shadows moving in the dark, scary thrillers are my favorite. Therefore I watched Dark Skies (for a third time), 6 Souls, and The Uninvited—all scary movies that each contained some pretty crazy plot twists.
While I really enjoyed the twists for the most part, I was also annoyed by some of the plot holes that came with them. I certainly don't expect each story to be perfect, and as a writer I know how horribly frustrating and infuriating plot holes can be. But when there are reasons to doubt the final outcome of all the events brought together, it just ruins the story. I can't discuss the plot holes of these three flicks in any detail or I would be giving away the twist for those who haven't seen them. But I would love to sit down with the movie's writers and ask if they could explain these holes, or if they were intentional. Do they even know they exist? Maybe they want the viewers to have to sit back and wonder about these things after the movie is finished. Or maybe the producers are so anxious to make a buck that they completely missed these holes all together.
Regardless, each of these movies earned a 4 or 5 star rating from me. Despite their flaws, the stories were intriguing enough to hold my interest, and make me glad I spent the time watching them.

Check out my full reviews for Dark Skies and 6 Souls on one of the other blogs I contribute to.


Sheena-kay Graham said...

Sometimes when trying to shock viewers it's forgotten that you also need to tell a well developed story. I love the Supernatural gif.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

When it comes to movies with gaping plot holes, I wonder of those who made it ever sit and actually watch the finished product.

Anonymous said...

Sam. :)

Lauryn April said...

Agreed about the plot holes! Also want to say hi and let you know I'm nominating your for the Loyal Reader award, check it out here. http://laurynapril.blogspot.com/2013/07/loyal-reader-award.html

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