Thursday, August 22, 2013

In Anticipation of The Mortal Instruments

I'll admit to being just as much of a cinephile as I am a bibliophile. Accordingly, I get extremely pumped for the release of movies to the point I'm like a school girl awaiting Justin Bieber's next tattoo. Lately the list of movies I've been dying to see have included a few screenplays based off books I was less than enthused about (i.e. World War Z, Beautiful Creatures, and The Mortal Instruments). As a writer, I've come to accept that everyone has different tastes when it comes to reading, and for some reason those three books were unable to hold my interest, even though by all means they should've as their subjects were right up my alley (well, technically gravel road since I live in the country). While the World War Z movie completely hit the mark I was hoping for, Beautiful Creatures completely missed it by lightyears, disappointing me to astronomical levels.

The Mortal Instruments seems to have the biggest built-in fan base of the three, leading me to believe it will achieve the biggest success. They're already filming the second book in the series (and p.s. I just stumbled across a major spoiler upon reading the storyline for movie #2 on IMDB, so if you're not familiar with the series, don't go there). I'm already a fan of Lily Collins (playing Clary), and Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace isn't so hard on the eyes (unless you're watching his stiff performance in Twilight). But it all comes down to the screenplay writing, and TMI's writer, Jessica Postigo, has virtually no resume in the cinematic world for us to consider.

Therefore, being the major audiophile that I also am (wow I have a lot of addictions), I go to the soundtrack. Many times I'm able to tell just how a good a movie will be just by considering how much time and money the movie spent on finding its musical talent, even though you don't always hear the songs in the actual movie itself (has anyone figured out this strange phenomenon?). To my dismay, the list of performers on this soundtrack is less than stellar, and the songs don't do much for me, which makes me extremely nervous. Add the fact that the trailer uses as great song, just as Mortal Instruments did (Florence + The Machine's Seven Devils), and I'm downright paranoid. BUT, after listening to the beautiful musical score by Atli Orvarsson, there's still hope.

RIP Cory :(
As a last resort, I looked into some of the comments on YouTube. Those who have seen the movie have really good things to say, with the exception of "they didn't follow the book", which obviously won't bother me one bit. So I still hold on to hope that this flick, with a vibe of Constantine meets Flowers in the Attic (if you don't get this reference, don't go looking into it unless you've read TMI), will end up being my favorite movie of the summer.
Finally, I leave you with the trailer. No only does the movie look crazy good, but it would appear they've spent a healthy amount of money on special effects (another sign of good things to come). Unfortunately, I won't get to the theatre until next Tuesday, but you can expect a review as soon as I form my completely biased opinion.

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Sheena-kay Graham said...

Beautiful Creatures was a great book (though I think it was too long and could have losed 5-10 thousand words of unnecessary scenes- look at me the great editor *laughs*) but the movie was disappointing. But only an adaptation of the book, by itself it's an amazing movie. But a movie that makes me regret reading the book because I could see where the movie fell below par is a bad thing. No matter how you slice it.

Missed World War Z but I'm determined to see City of Bones. Finished the book yesterday but I was psyched about the movie from before. The trailers show scenes where they veer away from the book but unlike Beautiful Creatures they all rock instead of suck. Got The Flowers in the Attic (which needs a new movie adaptation, stat) reference as I've been a V.C. Andrews fan from in my teens.

Plus I'm stoked that the series is available at my local bookshops. Talk about full paperback. Had to buy the last two Hunger Games books from abroad (but I got them in hardback which I love). Anyway enough of my rambling, I'm excited to see this movie as well Jen. And yes it's sad that Cory's gone.

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