Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dexter Finale...*sigh*



I began watching Dexter from the very first episode. I mean c'mon—the premise of a serial killer that you're actually rooting for...are you kidding me? I knew it would be original, and the writing soon proved to be top-notch.
For weeks I've been dreading the end of Dexter almost as much as Breaking Bad. As I watched the very last episode, just seeing the opening made me sad when I realized I would it again followed by a brand new story. Unfortunately, it was rather anti-climatic for the most part. Hannah is confronted by Elway, and we think it's over, but she pulls a needle out of Dexter's "emergency" kit, and slips away. Saxton and Dexter run into each other in the hospital, but instead of a big fight scene, the detectives arrest him. It was a string of "huh" moments that didn't do much for me.

Then THE ENDING came, and Deb's surgery had complications. I knew Dexter would come back to put her out of her misery, but the way he just scooped her up and wheeled her outside, then carried her into his boat? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I realize they were in the middle of an evacuation because of the storm, but c'mon. Not only was I pissed that Deb died, but this scene was so far fetched I actually rolled my eyes. The only saving factor was seeing her float down in the water like some kind of angel. I also foresaw Dexter faking his death to save those he loves from his "curse". But how in the hell would someone swim away from a hurricane? I mean really. As someone on Twitter stated, with swimming skills like that, he would put Phelps to shame.

At first I was numb when they faded out from Harrison and Hannah going for ice cream, and figured that was the end. Then they cut into one of the dumbest endings of all time: Dexter becomes a lumberjack, sporting an out-of-place beard that looks like pasted-on pubes. In the end I was just livid. This great series ended by killing off one of our beloved characters, splitting up the two people we've been dying to see have a happily ever after, and making a child essentially an orphan with a lady, who by the way is also a serial killer like his father. What exactly did he accomplish by having Hannah raise Harrison?

I've been saying this ever since Sunday, and I'll say it again: it feels like the writers of the show gave their fans the middle finger. Just to make it clear, I don't blame the actors. They delivered the parts they were given with the talent and skill they've had since the very beginning of the series. But after all those years of dedication we've given the show, it would've been nice to see Deb and Dexter find some kind of happily ever after that we can actually live with.

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Sheena-kay Graham said...

I only read the first paragraph but I can see Dexter is a show that you love. Only watched a few episodes. Fell off because I lost Showtime off my cable line up for years. By the time I got it back, I just couldn't jump back in.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

I saw the ending yesterday so I've now read the rest of your post. I must agree that the writer's clearly didn't do their best work. The implausibilities hurt the show and while I didn't need a happily ever after. Their ending was poor and the lumber jack business only made sense to me in that he wanted to stay away from his son. Otherwise, it was dumb. Also I must agree that leaving your child with a female killer is kinda weird but with his sis dead...he was low on options. Deb's death was sad but yeah her sinking away was one of the best parts of the episode. So thanks for posting this and despite the writer's mistakes I'm glad I decided to watch this anyway.

Jen Naumann said...

Sorry, hope I didn't spoil it for you! Glad you agree though...

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