Monday, November 18, 2013

A visual telling of PARANORMAL KEEPERS

I've been a visual junkie my whole life. As a teen I would buy the biggest magazines available and spending hours pouring over every page, marveling at the ridiculously good looking models inside, wondering what their stories may be. I seriously don't think I ever read any of the articles. The walls in my bedroom were plastered with Benetton ads and gorgeous models to feed my constant day-dreams into the mysterious lives of others. They're what inspired my first full-length novel somewhere around sixth or seventh grade. I also got into photography later in life, taking online courses on the craft before starting up my own independent business. And my favorite part about vacations has always been the opportunity to just take in the different scenery.

So it wasn't too surprising when I became a Pinterest addict. I'll go to the site with a certain purpose in mind, and end up spending hours looking through pictures. While it really is the biggest suckage of free time, there are days when it can actually be inspiring. I first started boards of each of my novels after they were completed, but for the first time I'm creating one as the story is being written.

Paranormal Keepers is flowing like gangbusters as I charge through National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). My characters are living in such an exciting world with witches, zombies, ghosts, and just about every other paranormal creature you can think of. And creating its corresponding Pinterest board has been extra fun because I get to bring out my inner goth side with dark, sometimes twisted images. To celebrate the success of Paranormal Keepers (without going into detail on the plot as there will still be major tweaking to be done before it's released), I give you a little visual preview of the current work in progress. To my fellow visual junkies, you're welcome.


Want more? Check out the entire board here.


Sheena-kay Graham said...

Pinterest nut here! This is so awesome. I have a board for the Sacrifice series but your boards are super detailed. So I'm definitely giving mine some upgrades. Thanks for sharing Jen and can't wait to read Paranormal Keepers myself.

Anonymous said...

Those are great pics. I don't use Pinterest but feel like I'm missing out now!

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