Thursday, January 15, 2015

Shymers got a brand new cover!

I'll admit, I'm a cover junkie. And I enjoy creating them as much as I like looking through them, although my design skills only go so far. Fortunately I stumbled upon a very talented designed by the name of Najla Qamber who has great vision and always knows how to meet my demands. We recently collaborated on an updated cover for my book Shymers, a dystopian tale that explores what it would be like if everyone knew how long they had to live. I had the vision and picture I took of a friend's daughter while Najla had the skills to make it come to life. What we came up with is so stunning...I'm dying to get my hands on a paperback copy!

To celebrate the new cover, I'm offering the dystopian tale for just 99 cents:

Stay tuned for more information on Rebels, the long-awaited sequel to Shymers (coming in 2015)!


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