Friday, May 31, 2013

It. Is. Time. To. PARTY.

Happy Friday!!! This is not just any Friday, but the last Friday or any day my kids have school for the year!
even Hank is excited
Man, it feels good! This year has been one helluva ride, and I'm so relieved it's over. I have serious plans to sit back, relax, write and read a sh*t-ton of books over the next three months (check out my 2013 summer reading challenge on the left sidebar). As part of the fabulous VikLit's Celebrate the Small Things blog hop, I'm going to quickly list the things that had me do jumping jacks (in addition to the kids being done with school thing):

1. The re-write of What I've Done is still going amazingly well, and my editor just helped me add a new scene that brought a giant, gale-force wind of fresh air to the story.

2. I found an amazing designer to give my blog a facelift, and our vision of the new look is going to blow you away. Just. Wait.

3. Someone close to me is dealing with some health issues, and I'm just going to say that I'm so grateful to have her in my life, as well as all my family, friends, and fans! Three middle-aged people in our small community tragically/suddenly died in the past week and it has, once again, opened my eyes to the importance of life and just how precious it is.

4. I chaperoned my 13-year-old's class trip to the Minnesota Zoo on Wednesday. It has been many years since I didn't have a toddler in tow while visiting there, and I have a new appreciation of how much fun it can actually be. I thought for sure the 7th grade girls would become bored, but I literally had to drag them away from petting the sharks and stingrays.

I'm sure there were other things to celebrate, but my ADD is kicking into high gear and I need to close this post up as I started it a couple of hours ago. So I hope this Friday gives you lots of reasons to celebrate, and I hope you're gearing up for an epic summer!


Sheena-kay Graham said...

Uh who's Hank. Anyway, glad you have so much to celebrate. Can't wait to see the new website design, thumbs up to a happy rewrite, sorry about your sick friend and those three losses to your community. But I'm glad to hear teens enjoyed the zoo. I honestly thought they would've bored as well. Enjoy your weekend.

Jen Naumann said...

Thanks, Sheena-kay! Hank Green - he's author John Green's brother and they're famous for their vlogs to each other on YouTube ( He's kind of a big thing. Hope you have a great weekend!

S.K. Anthony said...

I'm sorry about your friend's health issue and the three deaths in your community, life is precious and cruel at the same time. I hope your friend overcomes the obstacles placed in front of her. Hugs for you both.

Yay for being free from school!!! okay, well your kids I mean :D

A spanking new website design coming soon? How exciting, can't wait to see it. How long must we wait, Missy?

M. J. Joachim said...

Cool celebrations. Can't wait to see the new look :)

Jen Naumann said...

Thank you! She's busy so it won't be until later this summer, I'm afraid. But there will be zombies involved! :)

Jen Naumann said...

Thanks! :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

They got to pet sharks? That would be cool.
Life and those in our life are precious.

Rhonda said...

Sounds like a fun week. My girls came out of school today - only for us it's permanent and we are homeschooling again.

I joined the blogfest today

Anonymous said...

Sounds like life is pretty good, Jen. Enjoy every minute of it. I haven't been to the zoo in years, must go visit soon.

VikLit said...

Sometimes we are so reminded how precious life is. I am glad you had fun at the zoo! I like the sting rays too.

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