Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Movie Review: The Mortal Instruments

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've been looking forward to this film coming out since at least last December, and finally got a chance to see it last night.

When I pick apart all the different aspects of the movie, it had everything going awesomely well for it—great acting, great cinematography, great special effects. There were so many scenes that were amazing as well as action-packed. I loved the creepiness of the demons (the witch and dog especially), loved Lily Collins as Clary (such a gorgeous girl and great actress), loved Simon (lovable guy), loved the City of Bones and the wicked scary guys there, loved the demons forming from ravens, loved the look and feel of the institute building. Wasn't as fond of Jace (although I really wanted to be), Alec (came across as blah), Magnus (acting felt stiff), Hodge (but maybe it was just the character) or Valentine (the dreads felt too cartoonish). I especially disliked the obnoxious tattoos on everyone as they were too bold and fake looking (and I have a lot of tattoos, so I'm not prejudice in any fashion). The major "ick factor" at the end was definitely my least favorite part.

I can't really comment on the book versus the movie as the furthest I ever got with the book was the scene in which the vampires fight the werewolves. The book really couldn't hold my interest, no matter how many times I gave it a chance (and I believe I tried at least three times).

The verdict? It was "good". Not great or spectacular, as I so desperately wanted it to be. The whole reason Valentine wanted the cup was a bit confusing, especially to my poor friend who had no knowledge of the story before I dragged her along to see this. She was laughing out loud at parts that weren't meant to be comedic. I often know how good a movie is by deciding if I want to own it for my personal collection, and this one I will likely pass on. I think it all comes down to the underlying story still not able to hold my interest. I know some of my fans and friends are really into this series, and I really can't blame you, but it just didn't excite me the way I was hoping.


Sheena-kay Graham said...

I plan to watch this movie soon. Glad you liked it and I read the book. But in small and medium doses.

Illyanna Fox said...

I haven't read the book...but I plan to watch the movie...although your review isn't making me all that excited to see it.

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