Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Reflection of Thanks

I'll forever think of November as days filled with an insane amount of writing, thanks to NaNoWriMo. Like thousands of other writers, I've been hunkering down all month long, stealing time that wasn't really there just to fit in 50,000 words on my new work in progress. Yesterday I finally hit that golden mark, in effect "winning" the personal challenge I had set for myself. Sadly enough, there wasn't any confetti, or any monetary reward per say (I did purchase a new coat in celebration, and had my own personal "Elf" moment), but there was a grand feeling of satisfaction that comes with the creation of a story and achieving a challenging goal.

The most gratifying thing I can walk away with from this experience is that I reached 60,000 on my newest book Paranormal Keepers, and can see the first draft being finished up by the end of December. The bad news is that it seems I've unleashed my inner writing demon and don't know how to put it back in its cage. I've caught myself structuring sentences before I say them out loud in regular conversation. If I don't get at least 1,000 words in a day, I become irritated with everyone and everything. Last night I had three consecutive dreams that were separate stories I was writing as they progressed (one very bazaar one even involving John Green). Sometimes writing is more like a relentless addiction than a job.

Still, I'm glad this was a successful month, and I'm thankful that my creativity continues to flow plentiful. If it didn't, I know I would lose my mind with all of these ideas trying to claw their way out. I'm also extremely thankful for all of you who have supported me by taking the time to read my books, write reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, tweet and blog and Facebook how much you enjoyed them, and continue to buy each of my new releases! You'll never know just how much I appreciate all you do! I wish I could give each and every one of you a tackling hug.

To all my US peeps, I wish you a very happy and safe Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Knock yourself out with turkey, football and good times.

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Have a good one, Jen and congrats on the word count - amazing!

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