Friday, March 7, 2014

Cover Reveal: Kendare Blake's MORTAL GODS

Here it is!

Awesome, right?

If you follow my blog, you already know I'm a pretty big fan of Kendare Blake's work (it doesn't hurt that she's originally from Minnesota but was smart enough to move somewhere warmer). I recently reviewed her newest release Antigoddess, and just received word that she's revealing the cover for the second book in the series, Mortal Gods. Of course when she offered the chance to win an ARC of this book to any bloggers who helped with the reveal, I jumped on the wagon of terror. Because I not only love her work (young adult paranormal), but she's a pretty amazing person with a very healthy sense of humor. My kind of peeps.

At first I was bummed when she told me the first cover was getting a makeover as well, because I thought the original was striking. Then she sent me the redo, and I got over it. Because I love the beautiful silhouette of the woman with owl feathers floating through the air. It fits perfectly with the story.
Kendare promised to add something to the cover reveal if we so requested, so I asked her for a little insight to the book. Here was her response:

Some insight into the story...hmm....the entire Goddess War series deals a lot with adversarial relationships. Athena has one with practically everyone she knows. I don't even think she knows how to have the other kind. But to me the interesting thing about those relationships is the way they can change. The way people who hate each other can slowly learn to understand each other, and maybe even make peace. In Antigoddess, the wickedness of Hera and Aphrodite was apparent to Athena. She never considered anything else. But as Athena comes to understand them, who knows?

How's that?

That's awesome, Kendare. And so are you.

I tire of writing these things in the third person. So. I write fiction, apparently mostly YA. I didn't know this, but like Stephen King says, writers are the last ones to know what it is they've written. My first novel, Sleepwalk Society is a college story. I guess it falls into that no man's land they call, "New Adult".  Anna Dressed in Blood and Girl of Nightmares are teen horror. My short fiction can be found online in numerous places.

But enough about that. When I am not writing or reading, you can generally find me sitting around wondering what the hell I'm going to do with my life. That, or being a gastronome, plotting a new recipe. Perhaps on a run or hike, playing tennis or watching Big Cat Diaries with my feline. This summer I have saved a total of three turtles during attempted road crossings.

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Sheena-kay Graham said...

The covers look great. I like the original Antigoddess cover better but only because I'm getting a little tired of all the character from the back covers;. Still looks amazing and I love the multi-coloured hair and the blood on the G.

Anonymous said...

They're stunning covers.

JLuis Licea said...

Very nice.

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