Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"Paranormal Keepers" is finally here! (Sort of)

Sadly, releasing a book has become less of a "thing", and more of just a part of life. With the first few, I would insist my family go out to celebrate, or make my husband take me to the bar for a couple drinks. Now, as our lives have become crazy with two kids in middle school, I've been forced to celebrate the release of book #7 during working hours, alone. Kind of sounds pathetic, like throwing yourself a birthday party, but ask any indie author how much work goes into writing and publishing a book, and you'll understand.

So today I'm getting my hair cut/colored, and indulging in a facial (that I won in a drawing). May not seem a very glamorous thing for an author to do, but as big as my hair is, this will be an all-afternoon event. I'm hoping, at the very least, to relax my mind enough to come up with more ideas for the sequel to Shymers that I'm working on.

While today marks the official release day for my newest YA paranormal romance, Paranormal Keepers, you may notice it has yet to post on Barnes & Noble, and the paperback version is not quite up on Amazon. You can expect them to appear (hopefully) soon, as they were submitted yesterday, but unfortunately I don't know exactly when. Such is life when you're an indie author. In the meantime, you can purchase the Kindle version HERE, and remember you don't have to own a Kindle to read this version (find info on how to use the Kindle app on your phone, digital tablet, or computer HERE). You can also purchase the paperback copy through Createspace. Happy reading! (Now where did I set my mimosa?)

**Update: Paranormal Keepers is now on available on Nook and the paperback is on Amazon! It's all good!
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Liz DeVelder said...

7 books is absolutely amazing!!!! I think you should party for every one of them! If you stop celebrating now, what will happen when you hit 100 books? You'll take out the trash? Sweep the floor?

Anonymous said...

Arg, comment seems to have gotten eaten.
Congrats. Just got my copy.

Jen Naumann said...

Thank you, Emma! Liz, thanks, and kind of already there now. ;)

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